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The benefits of CCEHIE for you and your family

CCEHIE provides an electronic record of the paper-based charts commonly used by medical professionals. With HIE, patients and healthcare
providers can share critical medical information quickly and securely, thereby improving healthcare quality, efficiency, and costs.

5 Things Your Provider Wants to Know About HIE

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Less Paperwork
Doctors may continue to use clipboards and new patient forms for some time. However, as your health records are updated in CCEHIE, providers will have access to important medical information as soon as you walk through the door. This means that you’ll spend more time focusing on your care and less time dealing with the hassles of paperwork.


Accurate Records
Facilitating communication between healthcare providers can be a challenging task. In some cases, poor communication can lead to costly mistakes and medical errors. When healthcare providers share medical information through CCEHIE, they have access to an accurate, up-to-date version of your medical record. This allows doctors to make the best possible treatment decisions, even in the event of an emergency.


Coordinated Care
Many patients see a primary care physician and one or more specialists. Giving all your providers access to the same health information ensures seamless communication and care coordination, which means fewer potential errors and improved overall care.


Less Redundancy
Have you ever had to undergo repeat medical testing because another doctor wasn’t able to access the information? These tests can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and expensive. Furthermore, repeating testing can result in higher healthcare costs and insurance premiums. With CCEHIE, all of your doctors can access your test results and treatment records, reducing the need for unnecessary tests.


Direct Access
Americans have the right to view their health records, identify incorrect information, and make corrections as needed. CCEHIE gives you direct, convenient, and secure access to critical health information. This allows you to keep track of your care and get quick answers to your medical questions. With CCEHIE, you can also communicate directly with your healthcare provider.

Protecting Your Privacy & Security

Our organization is fully committed to protecting patient privacy and security. Healthcare providers that collect your personal data
and health information are required to protect it using passwords, encryption, and other security precautions. At CCEHIE, we
have strict policies and procedures in place to keep your confidential medical records safe and secure at all times.

Sharing Information

For someone to have access to the CCEHIE system, a provider must have both a treating relationship with you and participate in the CCEHIE. All activity in the CCEHIE is monitored, can be traced, and audited to keep track of what information has been viewed and by whom.

Special Considerations

When treating patients and updating medical records, special consideration is given to information such as drug use, mental health issues, and other sensitive diagnoses. This information requires consent by the patient in order for it to be made available in the HIE network.

Your Privacy Rights

As a patient, you will have individual rights to your patient record in the CCEHIE. You have the right to see what is on your record, a right to a copy of your record, and a right to obtain an accounting of disclosures from your provider.

Why should your provider use CCEHIE?


CCEHIE can improve the quality of the healthcare services you receive. There are many great benefits, including lower healthcare costs. better informed treatment decisions, and fewer repeated procedures. CCEHIE is becoming more common among healthcare providers because the need for this technology is clear and the benefits are significant.

Better Informed Treatment

With CCEHIE, your healthcare providers can access an up-to-date record of your overall health. The information in the system includes allergies, prescription medications, test results, treatment history, and more. These details allow healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality care and make informed decisions about your treatment.

Fewer Wasted Resources

Your health care providers already share patient health records through fax, phone, and mail. CCEHIE does this electronically, making it easier, faster, and more secure for your health care providers to share information while eliminating unnecessary and time-consuming paperwork.

Lower Healthcare Costs

CCEHIE can reduce healthcare costs by eliminating duplicate, redundant, and unnecessary medical testing. HIE reduces the amount of time patients spend filling out paperwork and briefing their providers on their medical history. This has the potential to both reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

What health information will be shared?


Types of information providers may share with CCEHIE include:

  • Refill medication.
  • Lab and x-ray results.
  • Medication and immunization history.
  • Transcribed diagnostic and treatment records.
  • Records of allergies and drug reactions.
  • Other transcribed clinical reports.

Special consideration is given to information such as drug use, mental health issues, and other sensitive diagnoses. This information will be blocked from view unless you complete an authorization form.

It’s your decision

The CCEHIE provides many benefits to patients but participation in CCEHIE is voluntary — you have a choice if you want your information included in the CCEHIE.
Your health care providers are required to inform you of their participation in the CCEHIE. When you visit a participating provider consent will be required to share your patient information in the HIE. You will be required to sign an acknowledgement.

Opt-Out Decision

As a patient you can choose to “opt out” of including your health information in the CCEHIE system by signing the Opt-Out Request Form. Understand that by submitting an HIE OPT-OUT Request Form your health information WILL NOT be available for health care providers to view in an emergency. Emergency room physicians and other medical professionals may not have access to your complete medical information which could save your life in some circumstances.

Opt-Out Process

If you visit a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic that is participating in the HIE and do not want your health information included, simply tell your doctor or participating health care provider. You will be required to complete the CCEHIE Opt-Out form. Completed Opt-out forms will be filed by your Provider. We encourage you to first talk to your doctor about this decision or to review our FAQ about health information exchange.


Supporting Organizations

The CCEHIE is a regional, community, and local organization whose value is determined by the participation of various community organizations.