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Core Services

CCEHIE provides the legal and technical infrastructure you need to fully support efficient health information exchange. Our services greatly enhance care coordination, interoperability, and data aggregation among healthcare providers.

icon-secure-communicationSecure Communication

With our Secure Clinical Messaging system, healthcare providers can instantly send and receive important messages and attachments that contain sensitive patient health information.

icon-central-data-repositoryCentral Data Repository

The Central Data Repository includes information from all points of care. As the patient receives care, the results are automatically updated and stored as part of the patient’s health record.

icon-patient-health-recordsPatient Health Records

Patient Longitudinal Health records contain all the available information about a patient’s medical history and treatment from healthcare providers across the entire care continuum.

icon-adt-alertsADT Alerts

Our Secure Clinical Messaging system gives you quick and direct access to important information, including admission, discharge, and transfer notifications, whenever and wherever you are.

icon-disease-registryDisease Registry

This tool allows you to capture and track vital patient information to efficiently manage patients with chronic disease. Our Disease Registry aids in meeting MU specialized registry Stage 2 requirements.

ACO Services

CCE HIE provides critical and timely information to help ACOs coordinate and manage care that happens outside of their network and analyze data from the entire continuum of care.

  • A solution to provide the infrastructure and tools needed to support P4P or Accountable Care Payment models
  • A solution to track and document patient care across settings and providers,enhancing visibility into diagnoses and treatments and facilitating team-based approaches to patient care
  • A solution enabling your Physicians to improve clinical outcomes for preventive care and chronic disease management
  • A solution to help reduce duplicative tests, hospitalizations and length of stay

For more information about ACO services

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